Glass by Gina

Baby Blocks

A Celebration of Life to cherish now and forever

This Luxury Glass Keepsake is an Ideal Gift for a Newborn Baby

I create my one-of-a-kind works of art in my Perth studio - cast feet are set deep inside a glass block
which is then polished to capture a luxurious personal work of timeless quality and a celebration of life.

Glass seems to convey something of the fragile nature of newborn babyhood,
although glass and babies alike are rather more robust than they look.

Each unique cast sculpture is charged with memories.
Every line, every tiny toenail tells a unique story of the child’s personality.

Great care is taken when creating these precious gifts,
from the skills used in hand crafting them,
through to the simple, stylish gift boxes in which they are presented.

Creating your Baby Block is a Simple Process

The Appointment
This is where we show customers samples and images and help them make some initial decisions about the shape of things to come. Choosing the right coloured glass is very exciting.
Techniques Used
We use a specialist moulding gel to take impressions from the subject. The gel is perfectly safe for babies and children, and it captures every intricate and unique detail of their feet.
After several years of casting small wriggly people, this is quick effortless and good fun. This part of the process normally takes place in your home.
Advanced mould making technology and and time consuming hand-executed techniques accompany the pieces through many stages.
How Long Does It All Take?
Small works can usually be completed in 4-6 weeks but larger commissions can take several months. We will always endeavour to meet special deadlines.

Just a Small Sample of the Many Baby Blocks I Have Created

Oliver Scriven
Baby Block
Two Brothers
Baby Blocks
A growing family
Baby Blocks
Baby Block
Baby Girl
Baby Block
Baby Girl
Baby Block
Three Hands
Baby Block

This is what my Clients have to say

Baby Blocks

Worth every penny. We captured my son’s foot at 6 weeks and its simply beautiful and timeless. Each little line is captured and its something that we will have on display for always as unlike the plaster casts which will end up collecting dust in a cupboard, its a beautiful piece of artwork that will never date. Thank you so much Gina!’

Jo xxx

“I was having difficulty trying to find the perfect one of a kind gift I could give my husband for his first father’s day. Having seen GLASS BLOCK CAST advertising in the Offspring magazine, thought these are unusual look pretty special and are one of a kind. Speaking to Gina over the phone only wanted me to take the step to meet and have Holly’s feet moulded. The whole experience was very relaxed and simple and in the comfort of my own home, which  was also a welcome surprise. Gina worked it round Holly’s sleep pattern so we could have a peaceful baby throughout and have a successful mould taken.

I appreciated the fact that Gina offers a choice of payment methods, which is unique in this day and age and offers two types of blocks available in a range of coloured glass. So many choices! The end result was fantastic! Not only did Holly’s feet look so perfect, but Gina also delivered them to my home and was packaged so beautifully. So thank-you Gina for the time spent on being able to capture my precious daughters perfect little feet for the one of a kind gift that will be forever in our possession.

Good luck for future endeavours, I highly recommend Glass by Gina,

Natasha Robertson.”

Thanks Gina,

For all the time and hard work you must have put into making our beautiful glass block. We are both so pleased we decided on letting you capture our little boy Harper’s feet at 9 weeks old in such a unique and special way. Everything about the block is exactly what we were after, its modern & timeless! We will definitely be recommending Glass by Gina.

Kind Regards Ross & Cheree